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The Greatest Opportunity

Life is a consistent, ever flowing stream of choices. We make choices all day. Some choices are small, insignificant choices.. Some choices are life changing. When looking back on our lives, we can see exactly how we made it to this exactly point.

I say this because I made several choices over the last year or so that I wish I could take back. I've lived with regret and guilt. I wish there was a reset button on certain things but life doesn't work that way. I must face the light, and control what I can control going forward and use these experiences as lessons. In each failure in life, I always learn.

Today I feel like I may have screwed up one of the biggest opportunities of my life. Trust can be broken in an instant. Everything that has been worked for can be ruined by one misstep in character. I wish I could take back all my missteps but they make me human and I learn from them. I can only apologize to the people I've wronged and pray to be a better version of myself when given the opportunity. At this point in life, I pray for courage to stand up when I am tempted and the integrity to follow through with my own moral compass.

"I am just a man with a heart and sinful hands.

Lord, show me the way. Let my words be your words.

Let my thoughts be your thoughts.

Let my words be your words."

I've failed you. I've failed myself. Left to my own choices, I will fail again.

James 5:16

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