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Thoughts After A Breakup

Over the last month, I have been working on my mindset after a breakup. Not sure how many of you knew, but I was in a relationship for nearly four years. It was great and also tough. I could tell we were different people. I am very driven, seeking big goals and big things. I always say I want big problems because that means I'm chasing big dreams. My ex hated when I talked like that and frankly, didn't really appreciate my drive. For a while, I was kind of hurt and felt like maybe I should not chase after such big goals but in the last week I have seen my drive break out to new levels.

There are a few reasons for my sudden change in mindsets, which has totally revamped my life from one of being mundane to being a high achiever once more.

Getting up Early

First of all, when I was with my ex, I seemed to really enjoy sleeping and spending time in bed each morning on my phone. Now, I jump out of bed at 5 am. I splash cold water in my face. Tell myself a couple of my favorite affirmations and head to the gym. I found that this morning ritual of jumping out of bed enthusiastically has caused me to have a more determined mindset all day.

Exercise Early

Exercising right a way in the morning is a great way to start your day. I've found that if I get up and start my day by going to the gym, I have more energy and am more social than if I did not go to the gym in the morning. I've found that regardless of the weather, or stressful bosses or clients, etc, nothing can stop me on the days I worked out first thing in the morning.

Be Confident

I am naturally a confident person. Some of you may struggle with this and that's fine. If you lack confidence, I suggest going to the mirror right now and give yourself some self love. Say some of the following affirmations to yourself and you will instantly feel encouraged to do anything. "I am so thankful for this beautiful day." "I am thankful for my health." "I am so grateful to wake up to limitless potential to conquer the day." I promise that if you begin to say some of these to yourself each morning, you will begin to feel more confident.

Be Alpha

Sometimes being an alpha gets a bad reputation. Being alpha does not mean being cocky or arrogant but actually the opposite. Being an alpha means being bold and courageous, full of passion for your goals and ambitions. The best way to be seen as alpha is to speak in a direct way. Do all tasks with purpose.

Regardless of your circumstances, know that you are limitless. You have an abundance of potential and can achieve anything that you believe that you can. Don't let any situation entrap you. You have stronger than a break up. You are stronger than a failure in your career. You are stronger than a failure on a diet or in the gym. You are stronger than a loss in a game.

You can achieve anything!

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