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Be Obsessed

You have to become obsessed. Obsession is when you're out of ammo but you still run at the guy and take him out. Obsession is the thing that makes heroes. Motivation doesn’t make heroes. Obsession keeps you up at night. Motivation doesn’t keep you up at night.

How do you get there? How do you get obsessed? Do you get there by showing up every day and not quitting? And how do you show up every day and not quit? You have to become obsessed. Our lives change every day. You could do one or two things and try to balance everything or you could be obsessed with your life and cram as much as you can into it. Get obsessed, be obsessed, stay obsessed.

Also, surround yourself with other people that are maniacs. In doing so, you will stay focused on the important tasks. Get people around you that don’t make excuses. Get rid of people who do. Once you have strong, courageous people around you, you will be limitless. You must keep feeding the dream. And that's what I've done. I surround myself with other winners. Since I was young, I've been feeding the beast. When I quit feeding the beast of my dreams, my fantasies, when I quit giving them energy, my life goes downhill. I am always learning and growing and I encourage you to do the same!

I've never met a super-successful person that the general population hasn't labeled a workadict. When work becomes an addiction, society labels you and makes that out to be a bad thing. My dad always said work is good. More work is better. Lots of work is even better than that, and if you had a whole bunch of people working towards something then you will all achieve something great. Now, fast forward to my life now and work became an addiction. I hear this all the time, "Oh man, you're a workaholic." "You're constantly at work." "You're an overachiever." The only problem I have is you tell me that work is a bad thing. I love work and love working! The more I work, the better I am. The more I get accomplished, the better I feel about myself. I'm not trying to fill a hole, I'm trying to reach my potential. Always strive to be better than yesterday. Get better each day!

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