• Alex Craver

Late Night Manifesto - Volume 1

Imagine you had everything you wanted. Everything. Imagine you are everything you ever wanted to be. Capture that feeling. That's the easiest way to manifest what you want. It's the law of attraction. That's the gift we were given. To evolve. Advance. Create. If I want it, if I believe I can have it, then it's my reality. I'll attract it. It will attract to me. We can make any situation we think about real.

Focus. Focus can be the difference between on and off, winning and losing, good and great, great and the best. Focusing could be the most self-fulfilling thing you can do because with focus comes accomplishment. Focusing could bring out your greatest talents and give you true purpose in this world. It could take your natural ability and magnify it to extraordinary. One thing I've learned and most of us know is what you focus on, what you put your energy into, is exactly what you should expect back. This is the Law of the Universe, the Law of the Lord, karma - whatever you prefer to call it. I've seen this happen ten thousand times. This is proven, like one plus one equals two. Focus is the key to being successful in any situation. If you focus on the wrong, you'll get the wrong things. There is no way to focus on one thing and expect something different. How you focus on something is giving your attention to it. Even if you don't like it and focus on not liking it, you're still putting your attention to it. You'll still attract it. For example, if you focus on wanting a new car, you'll keep attracting the IDEA of wanting a new car. There's a different between wanting a new car and focusing on the car being yours. We really should be clear on what we focus on. Honestly, I believe that time is the most valuable thing we've been given. Focus runs parallel to time. Every second of the day we are focused on something, whether you realize it or not. For me, there's no way I can focus on something I don’t love. At least not for long. I'm just not content with spending my life being miserable, and I cannot live like that. If I feel good, I'm doing the right thing. If I'm not feeling good, then it's not something I should be doing.

How does what you focus on make you feel? You can't measure success in anything but happiness. That, and also in how many lives you positively impact. And if you focus your energy on what makes you happy, what do you think will happen? Exactly. It will always work out. Rewire any thoughts you had prior and know that you are what you focus on. I can make any situation reality.

Don't let life pass you by! Enjoy the journey! You've gotta trust – Trust in the end result! Trust that it will always be the best for you at that time. I create my own world. I can make any situation reality.

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