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Beyond Your Imagination

You can do anything you set your mind to! It sounds corny, maybe childish, but we can do anything that we believe we can do. Often times we are too afraid of failure to ever try to follow our dreams. Think big!! I challenge you to expand your mind and your beliefs! You won’t know what you are capable of until you get out of your own way. Below are some key attributes to going beyond your wildest dreams.


If you want something bad enough, go get it. You were born with something deep inside you that you were uniquely designed to bring to the world. I would be willing to bet that it has something to do with your passions. What is it that you love? Comment below, I’m always interested in learning about my followers. Whatever you are passionate about, helping others, building and renovating immaculate buildings, photography…. I challenge you to be the absolute best. Tell yourself that you are the best and just see what happens.


Surrender something short term for something greater in the future. Society has this all messed up, but it is really all about giving up what society values for your goals. Ever play a sport? Remember that feeling of going to practice and your coach told you that you need to run an extra lap, or do ten more burpees, or do that 1v1 over again and initially you resented the idea but you just did it because you knew it would make you a better player. In practical terms, if you’re struggling, in any area of life, it is because you are too comfortable. Often times, you need to sacrifice going out with friends, or a family vacation to push harder for your dreams.


No one is holding your hand. To achieve anything in life you must be dedicated. You need to give your all! Discipline is a learned behavior and often times it takes years to cultivate. The best way to learn discipline is go do it! Don’t wait for the right timing. Don’t wait for it to “feel right.” The truth is, the perfect circumstances will never come. You need to step up and work! Picture a time when you showed the greatest discipline of your life. Was it studying while in college? Was it working your butt off to get into college? Was it in the big game? Was it landing your first job? Being disciplined means you had a goal and you achieved it. If you have already achieved a goal, you can achieve any goal.


Commitment is the relationship between you and your passions. Are you ready to act when you have an idea? If not, you should be! Life is not easy. Anything worth having is not easy. When you are really chasing your passions, it’s really easy. Hate him or love him, picture Cam Newton in 2015. He was the MVP of the National Football League in 2015. In the summer of 2015, he worked out consistently and utilized a lot of positive self talk to achieve that goal. Throughout the year, he made the dab famous and had an exceptional year. He was committed to greatness and it showed in every game he played in that year. While in college at a small school in Texas, he is known to have created a paper shield that he had in his locker that said “Positive self talk will shield me” and included several sayings like: “I can do this. I know the right thing to do. I am strong and capable. I believe in myself.” At the bottom he wrote, “Walk proud, smile big, sing loud. Believe in yourself.” Every day he would look at that shield and the words motivated him on and off the football field. All of us can use positive self talk to remind us that we have limitless capabilities.


Repetitions! Consistency is staying committed over and over and over. Keep moving forward and you will achieve anything. The main tip to staying consistent is to reward yourself for achieving small goals so you will stay pumped up to achieve a huge goal.


Everyone needs a purpose. What do you feel you were put on this earth to do? Once again, comment below! Based on what you feel you were called to do, where do you see yourself in 5 years? We were all born with the ability to imagine our dreams coming true. I challenge you to picture yourself becoming a star athlete. Imagine becoming the President of the United States. Imagine owning a billion dollar empire. Say your goals out loud, believe you can achieve them and imagine them coming to reality and you will surely achieve your goal.

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