• Alex Craver

Basics of Personal Branding

Personal brands are for everyone. Everyone is their own personal brand, and therefore often their own worst enemy. Too often people don’t understand that anything that someone says is communicating something. With social media this is often overlooked. How often do you notice a friend from high school that constantly complains about their life? The sad part about this is that the more they complain about the bad, the more they welcome poor situations. On the other side, the more someone on social media talks about positive circumstances going on in their life, a stock in their portfolio increasing in value, a purchase of a new home or rental property, the more they are open to receiving more great situations. Further, if you are trying to increase your followers or subscribers, you must be mindful of what you are communicating because you may be pigeon-holing yourself to only a certain type of follower or subscriber.

Build Your Platform

As alluded to above, in order to grow your social media following, you must build your virtual platform. For example, if you are a fashion blogger, I would recommend creating an Instagram and YouTube to visually show what you discuss in your blog. Also, in creating Instagram and YouTube accounts, you are building free marketing for your blog in which you can drive more followers to your blog site. Same example can work for real-estate tycoons – create an Instagram to show off your properties. This also works if you are flipping homes because it allows people to get excited about your properties while you’re still renovating. A YouTube would work well to give tours of properties to increase demand for your units.

Own Your Space

No matter what specialty you have, own the space! Why do anything if you’re not determined to be the best! Go out and create content continuously to feed the minds of your followers. Too many people create a blog site or a YouTube channel but just become one of the crowd. To be successful with any area in life, it involves hours of visualization. Jack Canfield, the billion-dollar author, has written many books. At the beginning of his career he wasn’t very successful, often striking out with his books. He finally had the idea to compile short stories from other authors and package them in the feel-good book, Chicken Soup. In a famous interview, he explains that he and his team spent hours visualizing the book becoming the #1 book on the New York Times Best Seller list and in nearly no time the book reached the top. Spend time creating content, but spend equal time visualizing yourself/your team achieving your goal. Don’t ever give light to the negative; only give light to the positive.

Share Your Knowledge

I have noticed people are attracted to growth. Strong-minded, positive people spend time with like-minded people. People will become attracted to you and your brand as you release content that is enlightening and helpful. A line from one of my favorite books, The Go-Giver, states, “Give more in value than you receive in compensation.” This is a success law of the universe that too few understand. Supply more people with your content, give freely, and it will pay dividends in the future. Give your knowledge out freely on social media and you will create a following. Once you have a following, you can easily monetize it through GoogleAds or through many other means that I plan to discuss in future blogs.

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