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Basics of Optimization

I’ve realized the more I focus on cultivating a growth mindset, the more I grow personally and professionally. I believe the key to consistent growth in any area of life is through optimization. Optimization has become a bit of a buzz-word as of late. The most simplistic definition of optimization is the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. Pretty easy, right!? Well, most people don’t seem to have this simple concept locked in. I’m going to break down a couple ways I optimize for personal growth in all areas of life.

Goal Setting

This one should be pretty easy too. I already created a simple template for goal-setting in another blog entitled, New Year's Resolutions. There are many blogs on goal setting, check out my good buddy, Joel Brown’s blog entitled, 5 Tips To Get More Meaningful Work Done With Less Effort. A brief synopsis is to create goals that are quantifiable, create a system to achieve your goal, measure your progress, recreate the process for a new goal upon achievement. This article is really going to focus on the second piece, optimization.


As I laid out above, optimization is the most efficient path to achieving any goal. The most efficient path is by creating and implementing a system that allows you to get closer to achievement of your goal. A very basic example of a system to achieve one of my goals is, I am trying to put on a few more pounds to weight a certain weight. I train hard throughout the week, get adequate sleep (I track this using a Fitbit device) and take in proper nutrients (in the form of vitamins and whole foods). I once again track my food intake and water intake on the Fitbit app. The simple system I have in place is to take no more than an hour on Sunday afternoon and meal prep all my meals for the week from sunrise through the afternoon. This way, I know exactly what I’m eating, both in volume and in nutrients. Another optimization I have created to allow my brain to stay focused and fueled is to take proper dosages of various vitamins from another business venture.

Another optimization of mine is to spend approximately an hour and thirty minutes on Sunday writing blog articles so I have a bit of a backlog to select from during the week. I do this so I best utilize the most creative part of my week. Throughout the week I am fully focused on my career and Sunday is my preparation for the achieving each goal.


Any goal can be achieved through the implementation of proper systems and monitoring of progress. If you have fitness goals, I recommend utilizing the Fitbit app as a means of tracking progress. If you are monitoring financial goals, the simplest and cheapest tool is Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application. If you need any help with finding the right template for you, feel free to send me an email on the contact page of my website.

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