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New Year's Resolutions

Each one of us is the author of our lives. Whether you believe in God or not, each one of us has a free will. That means, within the law we have the power to do whatever we want.

If we have the power to do whatever we want, why do so many of us settle for the mediocre? Why do so many settle for the mundane? Why not follow your dreams and become something great?

It’s a new year and that means most Americans see this as a time to start over and create new goals. To be frank, many will fail in the first few weeks. Why will most fail, you ask? Well, most people fail to create a system to achieve their new year’s resolution. A typical goal, for example, would be to “Lose some weight.” This goal is a decent starting point, but why this will likely never amount to anything is because the person failed to add a quantifiable component to this goal, such as the amount of weight to lose. Another issue with this goal is timing – when do you want to lose this weight by? If you want to shed 15lbs by your vacation in June, why not write it out. It is proven that human beings are more likely to achieve goals when they are written out.

Each day, I take a look at a list of personal objectives and I knock them out. I recommend creating a list that can be crossed out, physically or virtually. Crossing out a task or goal releases dopamine in the brain, which encourages us to keep pressing forward to achieve more tasks.

The best way to bring in the New Year is with a clearer path to achieving your dreams. Create a list of strict objectives that are quantifiable. Complete your tasks systematically to grow closer to your dreams. Make 2017 your best one to date!

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