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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

When growing up, parents always made sure during this time of year we were focused more on giving rather than receiving. If anyone ever read the Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann, one of the five highlighted laws is to give in order to receive because giving is receiving and receiving is giving. It sounds wild but when you give anything; you are passing love along with the tangible item. When you are receiving any tangible item, you are often receiving love or grief. Especially during the holidays we often don’t consider this phenomenon, we just give because we know we’re getting a gift from someone else.

Has anyone ever considered giving for the sake of giving? No strings attached giving…. Giving an unexpected gift to a friend, family member, supervisor at work just to say, “I appreciate you being in my life.” Take notice to how NFL quarterbacks and running backs provide their offensive linemen with gifts to say, “Thanks for being a valuable member of our team.” This is a meaningful gesture we should all live by. By giving, we are showing love through the gesture and through the physical item.

When we love something or someone we always give… If we love something we give our money for the item. If we love someone we offer up our time, our money and our hearts to show we cherish that special person. If we give our money for a building, the building could provide us with shelter or with money in the form of rental revenue. If we give our time towards a special person they will likely provide us with years of joy and passion in return. The final law from the Go-Giver is the Law of Receptivity, in which it notes that the key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

Everything our parents taught us about giving is a great foundation, but when we give we must remain open to the limitless opportunities that surround us. We can do anything we desire if we give enough time and energy. If we give enough time and energy, we will likely be rewarded with another form of energy called money. Life is all about giving – give and you shall receive (Luke 6:38).

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