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Reflecting on Life

Remember when you were a kid and you saw your glimmering new bike under the Christmas tree? That’s how I felt this year, except for Christmas my parents for me a Dahon Ford Convertible 2.0 folding bike for riding around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I’m extremely thankful for the bike and it rides exceptionally well. It is a gift that keeps giving because it allows me to ride around and enjoy my favorite spots of this beautiful city.

This past evening I rode across the river and captured a few stunning snapshots of the city in the sunset. Across the river I was soaking in the beautiful views and feeling extremely grateful to live in a great city that is moving in the right direction. Beyond that, I was picturing a new skyline, with taller buildings and more jobs to help grow the community.

There were two takeaways from my some trek across the city; 1) We should always be thankful and cherish where we are in life. 2) We should not be stagnant where we are but be encouraged that people came before us which proves that we have the ability to take things further and make things better.

On my bike ride, I spent a lot of time reflecting on where I want to be at this point a year from now. This thought popped in my mind since I realized it has been over a year since my last personal blog post. I was inspired to jot down my personal goals and have my girlfriend critique them. Needless to say, we’re going to have a big year of accomplishment. Keep an eye out for upcoming articles breaking down my goals and a guide on how to create goals and a system to achieve your goals.

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