• Alex Craver

Inspiring Hope In Others

When you're driven to help others, what can you do to create the most faithful following? Create a YouTube channel, post valuable information in the form of motivational pictures on Instagram, create a blog. I decided that I have a great following on Twitter and Instagram but figured I can add the most value through my writting.

As you may already feel, I am passionate about inspiring others to do imeasurable more than they can imagine possible. I hope this passion becomes contagious in my readers. I always see the world we live in as a much better place than it actually is. I am naturally a very positive guy and only give light to things that will grow myself and others.

I am not trying to impose my beliefs on others because going to church keeps my mind focused on what's right. At church today we chatted about focusing your thoughts on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. Concentrate all your energy on things that are beyond yourself such as these things above because as you do so you aline yourself with greatness. If you think in terms of hatred, distrust and anger you will only recieve more things to hate and distrust. Why waste energy on things you don't want!?

If you are aligned with things greater than yourself you give others tools to be more powerful. Power is inspiration and creativity. I certainly want to see people using their gifts and inspiring others because only great things can come of it.

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