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Life is a journey and mine has been full of wonderful experiences that have shaped me into the man I am today.  I grew up in South Central Pennsylvania and while attending high school I attended a German high school.  I have also been to Paraguay and Great Britain for missions trips with my church.   During my high school years I really developed my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I really focused on gratitude and service.


I decided to go to Messiah College to play lacrosse but suffered an injury and decided to hang up the gear and study accounting.  This is where I developed my love of business.  I felt that I was born with an entrepreneurial mind.  My business skills first clicked when one of my best friends from high school showed me the Amway business I realized being a business leader was my calling.  I built a successful Amway business on the side of getting a degree.  While at Messiah College I was the President of the Messiah College Investment Club where I lead the club members with making decisions on how to invest the club's nearly $170,000.


I heavily researched the cost of living of various cities across the country and decided to stay local to college and get a job in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at an incredible accounting firm.  I have been learning a lot about myself and gained an even deeper understanding of business. 


I have noticed that where I spend my energy, those things prosper.  I must thank God for all my success!  My success is His success!